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a NEW hand-held instrument to measure visual refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism)

Easy to use


No electricity required

Lightweight (less than 1 kg)

Tested worldwide

United States F.D.A. 510(k)

Provides direct readout of spectacle prescription

As accurate as an autorefractor at a fraction of the cost.

Ideal for use wherever conventional methods are impractical or unavailable in schools, at the work place and on field visits.

An effective tool for over-refraction of contact lens wearers and for use with difficult-to-refract patients.

How does it work?

The subject looks through the FOCOMETER® and adjusts the focus until the designated target is clear. The spectacle prescription can then be read directly on a linear diopter scale on the side of the instrument.

Only $500 (+ shipping)

Proceeds benefit Visual Compassion, a Christian non-profit organization helping children and adults in medically underserved communities enjoy healthy eyes and clear vision while training the individuals, that have been left behind, a new set of life and vision skills.

Quick 1 day beginner courses available with groups of 5. Course involves Focometer teaching and application in a live store environment. Course also includes use of our dispensing charts, fundamentals of glasses assembly and general Q & A. Call 1-866-398-7525 for more information.

Advanced leadership vision courses are taught 1-2 times a year locally in Houston and occasionally in other "hosted" locations throughout the US as God leads. Dr. Joseph Dollak will personally teach these leadership courses while entwining the revelations that can only come from servitude of a Holy God. 16 yrs of optics, 19 international trips and more "free" eye exams than can be counted for the incarcerated, addicted and homeless of God's children.

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Visual Compassion
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